About Us

Civil and Build Solutions operates as a subsidiary of Waterways Solutions. Since our inception in 2016, we've been dedicated to providing top-tier quantity surveying and estimating services within the construction industry.

Our work spans across various stages of the construction process. Starting with early stage cost consultancy during the concept design phase, we delve deep into the intricacies, extending our expertise up to the point of offering a detailed breakdown of labour, plant materials, and costs as projects progress to advanced design stages.

The strength of Civil and Build Solutions is our team. While we maintain the intimacy of a small practice, each member of our team comes with over a decade of industry experience. Our team comprises fully qualified quantity surveyors and chartered construction managers, ensuring our clients receive the best in class services tailored to their needs.

At Civil and Build Solutions, we endeavour to be the backbone of your project, offering expertise, precision, and unwavering support.

Our Customers

For homeowners looking to venture into construction or renovation projects, we offer clarity and precision. With our services, they can make informed decisions about costs, materials, and timelines.

Developers benefit from our comprehensive services, from initial cost consultations to detailed breakdowns, ensuring their visions are translated into tangible projects without financial ambiguities.

Our longstanding collaboration with key contractors speaks to the value we bring. With our expertise, contractors enhance their chances in successful tenders, whilst effectively managing their profit margins.

Our Services

Begin your building project with confidence. Our experienced team provides valuable early-stage cost advice, enabling you to establish a robust budget foundation. We ensure that your financial plans align with your project's goals.

Working closely with our team, you'll have access to detailed cost estimates that promote efficient expense management throughout your project's duration. We're dedicated to delivering accurate financial projections, so you're always in control.

Trust in our precision. Our experts provide exact measurements and quantifications, facilitating competitive contractor quotes and optimising the value of your investment. We leave no room for uncertainty in resource planning.

Plan and execute your building project with perfect precision. Our comprehensive time and labour estimates allow you to manage timelines and workforce efficiently, ensuring that your construction project stays on track from start to finish.

Our comprehensive documentation is your recipe for success. It furnishes precise bids and ensures a seamless construction process by listing the materials, labour, and resources required for your project. With our detailed documentation, you're always in the know.

We expertly manage tender writing and submissions for contractors. Additionally, we oversee the entire tender process for homeowners and property developers, ensuring the success of your bids. Your tenders are in capable hands with our expertise.

Why Choose Us?

Cost-Efficient Solutions

Engage with our on-demand services and sidestep the financial commitment of hiring full-time roles. This approach ensures efficient overhead management, freeing funds for other vital sectors.

Flexible Engagement

You decide the terms. No binding contract periods. Collaborate with us project by project, ensuring you receive the precise assistance you need.

Unparalleled Industry Expertise

Our depth in industry knowledge sets us apart. Every project undertaken is bolstered by our extensive experience, aligning with best practices.

Dedicated Customer Service

Our size, though modest, is our strength. It allows for undivided attention to every client, ensuring a personalised and attentive service approach.

Comprehensive Service Suite

From bid writing to advanced estimations, we offer a holistic set of services. This one-stop approach streamlines and simplifies your project management needs.

Staying Ahead of Trends

The construction landscape evolves rapidly. We ensure our methods and knowledge stay current, providing you with cutting-edge solutions.


David James Clark BSc (Hons) MCIOB TCInstCES

David's extensive industry background spans over a decade, marked by notable memberships in professional bodies and a first-class honours degree in Quantity Surveying. He's also recognised as a Chartered Construction Manager and holds a technical membership with the Chartered Institute of Civils Engineering Surveyors.

His reputation is bolstered by an expansive professional network, encompassing engineers, consultants, suppliers, and subcontractors, all specialising in the marine and civil engineering domain. David has successfully led and executed multi-million-pound frameworks for top-tier contractors and has been pivotal in consultancy roles for esteemed organisations like the Environment Agency and the Port of London Authority.

In the broader contract delivery landscape, David's involvement is comprehensive, from business development to ensuring efficient project handovers. His expertise in business development is further evident in his history with Tier 1 contractors, managing major tender submissions, and representing them at significant industry events.

Technically adept, David employs tools like Asta Powerproject and Microsoft Project for charting, and ConQuest and Excel for bid preparations. His skill set also encompasses reviewing and drafting contracts, procurement, and overseeing a project's entire lifecycle, from initiation to final handover.