Surveyors For Property Developers

Founded in 2016, Civil and Build Solutions has risen as an essential partner for property developers navigating the complex world of construction ventures. Our commitment to accuracy and transparency shines through in each development project we handle.

Our adept approach to quantity surveying is showcased in our specialised services, notably cost estimation and exact measuring & quantifying. Tailored for property developers, these services provide clear insights and assurance, streamlining the development process.

Navigating the multifaceted landscape of property development presents its own set of challenges. Leveraging our expertise, we strive to simplify these complexities, offering consistent support from the blueprint stage to the final brick.

Why Choose Us?

Civil and Build Solutions offers specialised quantity surveying services tailored to the unique needs of property developers. Our emphasis on cost estimation and meticulous measuring & quantifying ensures developers have precise tools for effective financial strategising and accurate project execution.

Our distinct advantage is our experienced team. While we maintain the agility of a small practice, each member carries over a decade of industry expertise. This vast experience ensures property developers can rely on our insights, receiving concise, informed advice to bring their development projects to fruition within a well-defined budget.


Save Money

Reduce Stress

Our Services

Specialist Services Designed to help property Developers save time, money and stress, on every build project.

Launching a development venture? Our Early Stage Cost Advice offers property developers an insightful financial roadmap, ensuring projects commence with sound budgetary foundations.

Optimise your development budget. Our Cost Estimation gives developers an intricate cost breakdown, enabling strategic allocation of resources and maximising profitability.

Accuracy drives profitability. We provide meticulous measurements and quantifications, ensuring property developers have the precise data they need for optimal project execution.

Streamlined development relies on timely delivery. Our Time & Labour Estimation offers developers clear timelines and staffing insights, promoting efficient project progression.

Seamless project management is key. We equip developers with detailed documentation on materials, tasks, and timelines, fostering smooth operations and strict budget adherence.

Stay ahead in the competitive development market. Our Tender Submission expertise aids property developers in crafting compelling bids, enhancing chances of securing prime opportunities.