Quantity Surveyors For Contractors

Civil and Build Solutions stands as a trusted resource for contractors navigating the intricate construction landscape. Our steadfast commitment to accuracy and transparency is evident in every collaboration we undertake.

Our prowess in quantity surveying is accentuated by our dedicated services, particularly in cost estimation and thorough measuring & quantifying. Developed for contractors, these offerings ensure streamlined and precise project outcomes.

Tackling the myriad challenges of the construction sector requires expertise and precision. We are here to offer that support, guiding contractors through each phase, from initial plans to project completion.

Why Choose Us?

Civil and Build Solutions delivers tailored quantity surveying services essential for contractors in the construction sector. Our commitment to accurate cost estimation and detailed measuring & quantifying provides contractors with the vital tools necessary for informed bidding and efficient project delivery.

Central to our success is our seasoned team. Every member brings over a decade of hands-on industry experience. This depth of expertise ensures contractors can trust our counsel, benefiting from clear, actionable guidance to drive their projects forward, optimised for both time and budget.


Save Money

Reduce Stress

Our Services

Specialist Services Designed to help contractors save time, money and stress, on every build project.

Kickstarting a new contract? Our Early Stage Cost Advice equips contractors with a financial blueprint, ensuring projects begin with a clear and realistic budget.

Balancing quality and costs? Our Cost Estimation delivers contractors a detailed financial outlook, aiding in precise budgeting and maximising value for every contract.

Precision is paramount. We provide contractors with exact measurements and quantifications, ensuring every project detail is accounted for and executed to perfection.

Efficiency meets expertise. Our Time & Labour Estimation presents contractors with accurate timelines and workforce recommendations, optimising both time and resources.

Organisation drives success. We provide contractors with comprehensive documentation, detailing materials, tasks, and schedules, ensuring streamlined operations and project consistency.

Stand out in the bidding process. Our Tender Submission guidance supports contractors in presenting robust and competitive proposals, elevating their chances of winning prime contracts.