Surveying Services for Homeowners

Founded in 2016, Civil and Build Solutions has become a pivotal resource for homeowners embarking on construction and renovation projects. Our dedication to accuracy and transparency is evident in every project we undertake.

Our comprehensive approach to quantity surveying is evident in our specialized services, particularly cost estimation and precise measuring & quantifying. Designed for homeowners, these services instil clarity and confidence, making project management more straightforward.

Understanding the intricacies of home projects can be challenging. With our expertise, we aim to demystify this process, offering guidance every step of the way, from initial planning to final execution.

Why Choose Us?

Civil and Build Solutions provides reliable quantity surveying services to the construction industry. Our focus on cost estimation and precise measuring & quantifying ensures homeowners have all the tools they need for sound financial planning and accurate project execution.

Our strength lies in our team. Though we are a small practice, each member possesses over a decade of industry experience. This depth of knowledge means homeowners can trust in our guidance, receiving clear, comprehensive support to transform their visions into well-budgeted realities.


Save Money

Reduce Stress

Our Services

Specialist Services Designed to help homeowners save time, money and stress, on every build project.

Starting a home project? Get informed early on. Our Early Stage Cost Advice offers a clear financial overview, helping you set realistic budgets and make informed decisions.

Unsure about potential expenses? Our Cost Estimation provides an in-depth breakdown, ensuring you have a clear picture of costs and can plan your project with confidence.

Every detail counts. We ensure every aspect of your home project is accurately captured, offering precise measurements and quantifications for impeccable planning.

Timely project completion matters. Our Time & Labour Estimation sets out realistic timelines and manpower needs, ensuring your project remains on track and efficiently managed.

Stay organised with our comprehensive documentation. We offer clear records of materials, tasks, and timelines, ensuring seamless coordination and adherence to budget.

Navigating the tender process? Our expert Tender Submission guidance streamlines your proposal, enhancing its competitiveness and positioning your project for successful bids.